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Get a classic home phone with unlimited calling and no contract.

Same Phone. Same Number. New Technology.

If you want a home phone, but don’t want to be tied to an old-school phone line, a home VoIP phone system may be right for you. With VoIP or voice over internet protocol, you can power your home phone via your existing internet service. It is generally less expensive than a traditional phone system, delivers better quality sound, and, perhaps the best part, you can usually keep the same number and phone you have now.

VoIP Home Phone Benefits

No contracts
Unlimited calling
Keep your phone number
Compatible with most modern home phones
Less expensive than traditional phone lines
Better sound quality than traditional phone lines

Home VoIP Phone Plans

SyncWave’s unlimited calling plan gives you freedom to call anywhere in all 50 States and Canada, local and long distance. You pay as advertised, no hidden charges, and just like our Internet service there is no contract.

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Basic Phone

$24 .95 /month

  • Keep Your Number
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID

Enhanced Phone

$29 .95 /month

  • Keep Your Number
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Simultaneous Ring Option to: Cell Phone or Another Home Phone

Additional Services

Smart Fax – Starting at $9.95 per month

  • Receive by Email, Machine or Computer
  • No Fax Machine Needed

Installation Costs

We’re proud to say that our rates and installation fees are some of the lowest in the industry. The fee we charge for installation covers the cost of the phone adapter, power unit, and telephone cable. It also covers labor required to install the equipment.

Standard Installation Cost: $95.00

Includes a technician install visit, verification of voice service, and the porting of your current phone number.

Self Installation Cost: $25.00

Includes all equipment, instructions, and the porting of your current phone number. The install package is available for pick-up or can be shipped to your location.

“Great company to work with. They always do their best to make sure you have the best experience possible. Reasonably priced for the services they offer.”
– Derek Eaton via Google Reviews
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Get Home VoIP Phone Installation for Only $20

Since our technicians will only need to make one trip, we offer a major discount for customers who sign up for and schedule installation for our internet services and VoIP services at the same time.

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Why SyncWave?

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Pairs with Any Quality Internet Provider

You do not need to have SyncWave as your internet provider to receive our home VoIP services. We are able to work with any provider who meets ping and latency standards to reliably support VoIP and can help you assess whether your provider is a good fit. We’ll even take a look at your current equipment to make sure everything is functioning exactly how it should be.

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Less Expensive Than A Traditional Landline

Because VoIP runs via your internet, if you already have internet service in your home, our VoIP services are typically less expensive than traditional landline services.

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Metal Siding and Roofs Aren’t a Problem

If you have a metal roof or metal siding on your home, you have probably had trouble receiving a wireless signal in the past. That won’t be a problem with a VoIP phone system. Because the phone system runs via the internet, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you’ll have no problem making and receiving phone calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do medical life line services work with VoIP?

All 911 calls are fully supported. However, medical life line services are not supported due to it’s combining of voice and fax into one outgoing call.

How do I port my existing phone number?

Porting your existing number is fairly easy. Start the process by filling out the electronic Standard Letter of Agency form and submitting it. Once we have the form, SyncWave will submit a request to port your number from your existing phone provider. Porting your number may take 5 to 12 business days. Please do not cancel your current phone account until the port is complete, otherwise SyncWave cannot port your number.

Can I suspend my phone service?

Yes! You can suspend your phone service. There are three suspension options for the period of time that you are gone:

  1. You can cancel for $0.00. Which means a loss of your current number, but a new number will be assigned after reactivation.
  2. Retain your number for $7.95/mo plus taxes & surcharges. Which means SyncWave holds your number in our system for you, but the phone will not receive calls or be able to dial out.
  3. Set up call forwarding to another number for $18.00/mo plus taxes & surcharges. Which means you keep your number and still answer your phone calls from a phone number of your choice like a cell phone or home phone.

Can I make international calls?

We can support international calls. Though, due to the varying international calling rates a custom plan is needed.

Please give us a call at 231-845-1065 to inquire about an international plan and pricing that makes sense for your calling needs.

Can I make phone calls when my power is out?

Being over the internet, you will lose phone capabilities when your power goes out with a VoIP system. However, if you have a universal power supply or a backup generator, your phone system will continue working despite the initial power outage.

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