Phone Number Porting

A Letter of Agency (LOA) must be completed by the end-user and supplied to SyncWave upon request. The LOA must contain the name and current service address of the end-user and the numbers that will be ported to SyncWave from the end-user’s current carrier. The LOA used must comply with FCC regulations and must be dated and signed by the end-user or a person who has the authority to act as a legal agent.

NOTE: Do NOT cancel your existing phone service or make any changes to your existing account until after SyncWave has confirmed the porting of your number. Any changes to your account before SyncWave is able to successfully port your number, may result in permanent loss of your phone number.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing SyncWave, LLC., (“SyncWave”) as your network carrier. As you are aware, you may continue to use your existing telephone number with SyncWave. In order to transition your current telephone number to the SyncWave network, SyncWave must work with your previous service provider to ensure that your service is uninterrupted, and where applicable, to ensure that your number is transferred. Due to the policies and procedures of phone service carriers such as AT&T and Frontier, additional information may be requested to process your request. This could result in a small delay. SyncWave will work with your carrier in an effort to minimize the delay. Phone port requests are sometimes turned around in 7 days or less, but waiting periods of 3 to 6 weeks should be expected.

Your prior service provider requires this letter as proof that you have explicitly authorized and requested that your service and current telephone number be transferred to another service provider. By filling in all the information requested below and signing and dating this letter, you provide us with the authorization to initiate the process of transferring your service and telephone number to SyncWave. Please do not cancel your current phone account until the port is complete, otherwise SyncWave cannot port your number. You will then be able to use your current number with the SyncWave network.

Please ensure the following information is completed accurately to prevent possible delays.
The $10.00 processing fee per line will be waived upon successful porting of number/s. If a number port is cancelled, SyncWave will issue a bill of $10 per line.

By signing below, I designate SyncWave to transfer my service from my current provider to SyncWave. By signing below, I also authorize SyncWave to transfer my current telephone number used to provide service so that SyncWave may provide its network service to me. By signing below, I also authorize SyncWave to obtain billing information, customer service records, and other information required to provide me with service on the SyncWave network. I understand that I may consult with SyncWave as to whether a fee will apply to the change.

Please refer to your bill to ensure your submission is accurate. Any discrepancies with this form and your current provider’s bill will result in delays in the porting process.